Do Birth Control Pills Cause Cervical Cancer?

Do Birth Control Pills Cause Cervical Cancer?

We are living in 21st century and it is known as the age of technology. But we are still scared of one of the most deadly disease cancer. Among all types of cancer, cervical cancer is one of the common among women. As per the current research, it is also the most curable forms.

The fact is that almost 30% of women in India are diagnosed with cervical cancer, and the survival rate is approximately 46%. Every year almost 130,000 women are diagnosed with this and 78,231 die from it.

Cervical Cancer Definition:

What is cervical cancer?

Cervical cancer, also known as cervical carcinoma and uterine cervical cancer.

The definition of cervical carcinoma is when cells of the cervix become malignant, this type of cancer occur. The lower part of the uterus is called cervix and it is connected to the upper part of vaginal canal.

Cervical Cancer Symptoms

You must be curious that what the actual symptoms of cervical cancer are. According to recent research on it we may say that not all precancerous cervical cells are deadliest and become cancerous.

Cervical cancer and its symptoms

Virginia discharge: A huge change in vaginal discharge. The smell of the discharge will be unusual. A significant change in vaginal discharge and the color will be pink and brown.

Irregular periods

  • Vaginal bleeding/spotting/ even after menopause
  • Pain/bleeding outside regular period
Cervical Cancer

Reasons of cervical cancer

  • Human papillomavirus Infection:  Most common reason of cervical cancer is human papillomavirus infection or HPV. If someone has unprotected sex, the virus can be transmitted through sexual contact. Many people contract HPV, which typically resolves without becoming an issue.
  • Weak Immune system:  The research says that medical condition like HIV weakens the human immune system.
  • Aging:  It has been found that cervical carcinoma is most common in those women who are above 30. The average age is 50.
  • Smoking:  Smoking is another common reason of cervical carcinoma.

Now the question is do oral contraceptive causes cervical cancer?

In one word- NO! There is no such medical report has been published that Oral contraceptive pill can cause cervical or any form of cancer.

There are four main cervical cancer stages.

  • Stage 0:  This stage is also known as cervical dysplasia. The abnormal cells are been found at this stage.
  • Stage 1:  The cancer cell is found in cervix.
  • Stage 2: At the stage 2, cancerous cells have spread outside the cervix.
  • Stage 3: Now, the cancer has spread from cervix to vagina.
  • Stage 4: Now, it goes to the bladder, rectum and other parts of the body.

Oral contraceptives or birth control pill consists of low dose hormones (estrogen and progestin). Birth control pill like Suvida has lots of health benefits apart from preventing pregnancy.

Oral contraceptive pills are used by millions of women for last 50 years and today’s modern oral contraceptive pill has been made after various clinical trials. It is doctor recommended and safe for human.

OCP and ovarian cancer- Is there any link?

NO! there is no link between Oral contraceptive and ovarian cancer.
As per American Cancer Society, it is proven that combination pill
According to renowned gynecologist and MD Anderson Cancer center Andrea Milbourne says that oral contraceptive pill decreases the risk of cancer. In many cases it can lower the risk of the certain cancers.

Benefits of birth control pills:

  • Lower ovarian cancer:  Taking oral contraceptive pill or OCP regularly reduces the chance of uterine cervical cancer. This is because women who take OCPs regularly experience regular menstrual cycle. The longer one takes it, the better the effectiveness of birth control pills. Taking OCP cut off the chance of cancer like cervical carcinoma.
  • Lower endometrial cancer chance:  Another game changing factor of taking birth control pill every day is it may lower the chance of endometrial cancer.
  • Reduced risk of colon cancer: The benefits of oral contraceptives are not just limited in ovarian and endometrial cancer. Research says that the birth control pill may lower the risk of colon cancer as well.
cervical cancer

Wrapping up!

Oral contraceptive pills have many benefits without any side effects, and it has been proven that they also reduce the risk of cervical, colon, and endometrial cancer. and it is proven that it also reduces the chance of cervical, colon and endometrial cancer. Taking precaution is always better than cure! So, you can do family planning successfully with oral contraceptives. It is absolutely safe and beneficial.

The 5 warning signs of cervical cancer are

  1. Irregular periods
  2. Period cramps outside the menstrual cycle
  3. Unusual vaginal discharge
  4. The color of the discharge changes to pink or brown
  5. Bleeding/spotting outside period.


  1. Can cervical cancer cause irregular periods?
    Yes! Cervical cancer causes irregular periods.
  2. Does OCP increase cervical cancer?
    No! There is no such evidence or report has been found that OCP increases cervical cancer.
  3. Why do doctors recommend birth control pills?
    Birth control pill is one of the best and safe ways for family planning. It has zero side effect.
  4. Can cervical cancer be cured?
    Yes! If it is diagnosed early then it can be cured.