Clients words about Suvida

Drishtti Saha Drishtti Saha 24Y / IT Engineer Kolkata July 19, 2023

I was worried about starting family because of my career. I am a software engineer and Suvida has made my life so much easier. With its help, family planning is now easier than ever!  I am now more focused in my career.

Prerna Mondal Prerna Mondal 29Y / Teacher Kolkata June 30, 2023

“Suvida has been a game-changer for me! It provides excellent contraceptive protection also has regulated my menstrual cycle, making it more predictable and hassle-free. Moreover, with Suvida period tracking app, I can track my period easily. Thank you, Suvida!”

Aditi Sen Aditi Sen 25Y / Air Hostess Kolkata June 30, 2023

I have been using Suvida for months now, and it has significantly reduced my menstrual cramps. I no longer have to suffer from debilitating pain during my periods. Since then, there is no look back. My doctor prescribed Suvida and now, I am living tension free married life as well.

Sonali Chawhan Dipanwita Sinha 35Y / Homemaker Kolkata, Dumdum June 30, 2023

Suvida OCP has helped me to regularize mSuvida OCP has helped me to regularize my hormonal issues and has been a great companion to let me achieve my dreams.y hormonal issues and has been a great companion to let me achieve my dreams.

Sweta Aich Anmol Srivastava 32Y / Ph. D student Kolkata June 30, 2023

I had irregular periods, suffering from PCOD but after starting Suvida, my cycles have become regular and more manageable. Due to PCOD, I was suffering from acne also. After taking Suvida, my PCOD problem is gone. It has made a noticeable difference in my entire well-being. I am grateful to SUVIDA for painless regular period.