NGO Activity

Step into a world where you will get every update of Suvida – empowering real women. More than 90 NGOs in West Bengal has joined us to spread awareness among all rural people of Bengal. We, the team of Suvida have been working with these unprivileged women for last few years. In this section, we will keep updating our NGO activities with images and videos.    

At Suvida, we are proud to have worked closely with these underprivileged women for the past few years, striving to uplift their lives and provide opportunities for growth and empowerment. In this dedicated section, we invite you to stay informed and inspired as we share regular updates on our NGO activities, accompanied by captivating images and engaging videos. SUVIDA team has already done more than 5000+ awareness campaigns all over West Bengal. Moreover, we have enlightened almost 50,000+ women from rural area regarding women menstrual health, conception and contraception.        

Through this platform, we aim to shed light on the incredible work being done in collaboration with these NGOs. From skill development programs and vocational training to healthcare initiatives and educational campaigns, our joint efforts focus on addressing the unique challenges faced by women in rural areas.