My Married life becomes tension-free, Thank you Suvida!

My Married life becomes tension-free, Thank you Suvida!

I’m Sonia from Patna, an airhostess who’s always reaching for the skies in her career. My days are a whirlwind of meetings, deadlines, and the relentless pursuit of success.

Luckily, I have incredibly supportive and inspiring parents.

Amidst my hectic flight schedules and office tours, my parents started expressing concerns about my marriage. Their wish was for me to tie the knot with Rakesh, my fiancé—an efficient and decent guy.

However, it was me who hesitated, not because of Rakesh, but because of my strong belief in the power of family planning. I want to start a family when I’m ready, not when society expects me to.

One day, during a coffee catch-up with my closest friend, Maya, I poured out my feelings about the mounting pressure from my parents. Maya, a supportive and modern friend, shared her secret to a tension-free married life—Suvida, the best oral contraceptive pill in India.

Maya detailed how Suvida had empowered her to strike a perfect balance between her career and personal life. Thrilled, I saw an opportunity to take control of my family planning, a decision that turned out to be life-changing.

With Suvida, I now revel in the freedom to focus on my career without the constant worry of unplanned pregnancies.

My husband, Rakesh, and I are enjoying our married life without the unnecessary pressure of starting a family before we are truly ready.

So, to all those out there facing a similar dilemma, consider giving Suvida a try.

Because, just like me, we all deserve to chase our dream and fly high!