Suvida’s Contribution to World Contraception Day

Suvida’s Contribution to World Contraception Day

Let’s start with the history of ‘World Contraception Day’

World contraception Day is a global awareness event celebrated annually on 26th September for last 15 years. It was all started in 2007 and since then it has been celebrated in various countries. On this day, numerous national and international healthcare organisations come together to promote ‘birth control’ and ‘contraception’ among people.

The term ‘contraception’ has been coined by blending the words ‘contra’ and ‘conception’. Contra means against and conception referees to the process of conceiving within the womb.

In 2023, the world contraception day theme was ‘The power of options’. It signifies the important role that contraceptive is one of the important factors in our society that enables people to take control over their reproductive health.

When and How?

In 2007, 10 family planning agencies worldwide declared that the importance of contraception and world population.

Numerous global organisations promote and emphasis the importance of world contraception day on the 26th of September.

As per recent reports of WHO, around 60% women all over the world use oral contraceptive pill due to its effectiveness. Presently, more than 250 million women who wish to avoid pregnancy are not utilizing safe or contemporary contraception methods.

When it comes to contraception, there are various ways exists and each process fulfill needs and preferences. Oral contraceptive pill is the best way to prevent pregnancies.

As per the World Health Organization (WHO), an estimated 280 million women of reproductive age, or one in 10, have an incomplete need for family planning. Moreover, over 204 million women who wish to prevent pregnancy face various barriers preventing them from using modern contraception methods.

World Contraception Day is celebrated globally through comprehensive online and offline campaigns, with a primary focus on reaching a wide audience. The program centers around critical issues such as women’s health, sexual health, and reducing infant mortality, among others.

Suvida's Contribution to World Contraception Day

How SUVIDA celebrated ‘World Contraception Day’?

Suvida– India’s best oral contraceptive pill also celebrated oral contraception day on 26th September- online and offline. Our consumers have reviewed our product and sent us beautiful videos on oral contraception and its significance.

We commemorated World Contraception Day by organizing a series of engaging and informative online discussions with esteemed medical professionals, including doctors and gynecologists. These experts generously shared their time and expertise to address a wide range of questions posed by the audience.

During these online discussions, participants had the valuable opportunity to interact directly with medical specialists and experts who specialize in reproductive health and contraception. The discussions were not only informative but also interactive, as attendees could submit their questions and concerns related to contraception, family planning, menstrual cycle, women empowerment, myths about contraception, pms fatigue help, after married life tips, balancing between career and marriage, and sexual health.

The doctors and gynecologists, with their extensive knowledge and experience in the field, played a pivotal role in providing accurate and insightful answers to the questions posed by participants. They addressed inquiries about different contraception methods, their effectiveness, potential side effects, and suitability for individual needs and preferences.

These online discussions served as an invaluable platform for individuals to gain a better understanding of contraception, make informed decisions about their reproductive health, and dispel any doubts or misconceptions they may have had.

By fostering open and informed dialogue between healthcare professionals and the public, these sessions contributed significantly to raising awareness about the importance of contraception and its role in empowering women to take control of their reproductive health.

In addition to this, the Suvida team organized over ten awareness programs in different rural areas within West Bengal. The pictures are given below:

In summary, our World Contraception Day celebrations featured engaging online discussions with medical experts who not only listened attentively to participants’ questions but also provided expert answers and guidance, ultimately contributing to informed and empowered choices regarding contraception and reproductive health.

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